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Lieutenant Li Ling Meifeng

Name Li Ling Meifeng

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lagashi (Human)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A slender Lagashi woman with dark hair and slightly reflective brown eyes. As an exchange officer, she wears a black Lagashi uniform for shipboard operations instead of a Starfleet uniform.


Father Li Ling Yun (birth father)
Mother Li Ling Genji (birth mother), Li Ling Jiao, Li Ling Ah Lam
Brother(s) Li Ling Cheng an Wu
Li Ling Gen
Li Ling Yong
Sister(s) Li Ling Honf
Li Ling Lien
Other Family Too many to list. Most notably:

Second Cousin: Li Ling Zetian an Hark, Executor of the Lagashi Republic
Second Cousin: Li Ling Kaida, Starfleet Commander

Personality & Traits

General Overview After the breakup of her engagement, Meifeng has a sadness she hasn't quite shaken. She is, however, a person prone to decisive action. She has an eccentric soft spot for Lagashi children's programming, her favorite being "Mr. Locke and Keynes."
Strengths & Weaknesses Meifeng has the classic Lagashi stubbornness, perhaps taken to a slightly higher level than most. She is decisive bordering on impetuous. She is quite charismatic.

As a Lagashi, she has both genetic and cybernetic enhancements. She is stronger and faster than an Earth human, with extra muscle density and bones reinforced cybernetically. She carries a pharmaceutical suite that can be used to enhance her immunity and keep her going through exhaustion and injury.
Ambitions Meifeng wants to serve the Republic, her family, and the Federation. While she does plan to marry, she has definitely put those plans on hold following the dissolution of her engagement. Once she has finished her military service, she plans to enter business, likely at a military shipyard.
Hobbies & Interests Meifeng enjoys Lagashi children's programming, particularly "Mr. Locke and Keynes." She also enjoys both classic Earth and Lagashi poetry, and old stories. She prefers historical fiction and myth over history. She has tried her hand at holoprogramming.

Personal History Li Ling Meifeng was born on Tien, the second child and eldest daughter of Li Ling Genji, Director of Parks for Hope's Dream, and Li Ling Yun, an artist of some note who designed the holosculpture at the Summit Park. She decided early in life that she would join the Star Navy, and her family connections and academic achievements allowed her into the Naval Academy on Lagash Prime.

After graduation, she gained a posting aboard the LSN Constitution as a fighter pilot, almost exactly in time for the start of the Eighth Breen War. Before leaving for the war, she became engaged to Shi Rou, a florist, and her fiancee Tan Zhen. They agreed to marry once the war ended, and she started to consider cutting her military career short.

During the war, she earned Ace status in the Battle of Garen Epok, shooting down her fifth Breen fighter pilot as her target prepared for an attack run on the disabled USS Kent. This also earned her a promotion to commanding the Fifth Squadron aboard the Constitution.

By the end of the war she had left flight wing service and moved to the attack frigate LSN Tianma as chief helmswoman.

After the war, she returned home to her fiancees, only to find that the years away had changed both herself and them in ways that made life together uncomfortable. They broke off the engagement, and Meifeng sought a posting some distance from Lagashi space. Informed by a relative of the availability of a Starfleet exchange position on a prime explorer that needed an officer both the Federation and the Republic would find trustworthy, she took that opportunity
Service Record 2385: Graduates Lagashi Naval Academy with distinction
2385-2386: Fighter pilot, LSN Constitution. Earns Ace status, promotion to Lieutenant JG
2386-2388: Squadron commander, LSN Constitution. Earns promotion to Lieutenant
2388-2389: Chief Helmswoman, LSN Tianma.
2389: Takes exchange tour aboard USS Yorktown