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Commander Jasna Khorasani

Name Jasna Khorasani

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 179 cm
Weight 87.2 kg
Hair Color Black and gray
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A tall, rakishly attractive human woman of Persian descent, Jasna usually favors a regulation uniform with a white lab coat thrown over it. Her braided black hair is threaded with a steely gray and her slate blue eyes are framed with laugh lines.


Spouse None presently
Children None
Father Amin Khorasani
Mother Zainub Khorasani
Brother(s) Tariq Khorasani - Jasna's fraternal twin, Tariq trained as a lawyer and civilian mediator. A few years ago he was appointed as a judge on Alpha Centauri, which he and his family now live.
Sister(s) Roshanara - Three years Jasna's junior, Roshanara is the idealist and the dreamer of the three siblings - she was passionately interested in politics by age sixteen, in colonization projects by twenty-one, and is presently the governor of the deep frontier colony Crossfield VII. She decided to have a son alone, without a partner, which is still something of a family sore-spot.
Other Family Hannah - Tariq's wife and her sister-in-law.
Khadijah, Fatimah and Aisha - Tariq and Hannah's three daughters; ages 19, 17 and 14
Reza - Roshanara's son; age 10.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brisk and restless, Jasna is always working with one eye on the next challenge; off-duty, she can be charming and relaxed, but she tends to view her crewmates and the galaxy as a whole with a certain wry amusement - as if the universe is telling a particularly laborious but still entertaining joke for her benefit. She keeps an open door to her office for crew with problems or something on their mind, but she has a strict policy about honesty - if they ask for it, she's going to give it to them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quick-thinking and incisive, Jasna can usually be relied on to be one of the first people out of the gate with a solution to any thorny problem. She operates well under pressure, has good management skills - particularly of small teams - and isn't afraid to make a hard call in a command situation. On the debit side of the ledger, she can be overly loyal to what she sees as 'her' people at the expense of the greater good and has an explosive temper when it gets the better of her. She also has an inordinate capacity for not only nursing grudges but having them stuffed and mounted after they expire - she's still on sharp terms with some of her classmates from Starfleet Medical, which is not the way to get ahead with Command.
Ambitions Professionally, Jasna has few ambitions she hasn't satisfied - she wouldn't trade CMO on an exploring starship for any desk job in the Fleet, she's well-published in her specialties and she's had the opportunity to teach junior doctors the tricks of the field medicine trade. Personally, she views her lack of success in cultivating a lasting romantic partnership as something of a disappointment.
Hobbies & Interests Jasna's professional specialties are field and micro surgery, trauma treatment and diseases of the blood. She collects antique medical techniques from a variety of cultures, enjoys Greco-Roman and early 22nd century literature, and designs mythology-inspired holoprograms in her spare time. She also enjoys chess (classical, 3-D and 4-D) and other strategy games, but has never picked up a taste for bluffing games or cards.

Personal History Born in 2340 on RĂ³ta III, a newly terraformed colony near Cestus, Jasna Khorasani spent her childhood patching up wayward animals and climbing ragged rock faces. At thirteen, she and her family relocated to Earth as part of a talent rotation program, and she enrolled at the University of Oxford at 16, then in the medical program two years later. She made the decision to enroll in Starfleet from there, attracted by the idea of adventure and making a difference in the galaxy.
Service Record 2363 - Enters line service after completing her training at Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical.
2363-2364 - Sees service as a field medic and line doctor on the Cardassian frontier aboard the USS Hermes. Received a citation for conspicuous gallantry for providing three days of front-line medical support to a position cut off by a Cardassian raiding party.
2364-2369 - Reassigned to the USS Illium where she gets her first experience with deep space exploration. Receives her first Starfleet Surgeon's Decoration for saving sixteen lives - one of them her own - from a parasitic infection after placing them in quarantine to prevent the contamination of a native species, and the Star Cross for preserving a unique alien historical site which was trying to kill her away team.
2368 - Promoted to full Lieutenant.
2369-2378 - Part of the initial medical staff assigned to the USS Kaga (Akira-class), Jasna spent seven years aboard her and three times served as her acting CMO during the Federation-Klingon War and the Dominion War before finally being confirmed in the role in the last advance on Cardassia. For three years after the war, the Kaga is assigned to security duties in the Cardassian Union. The Kaga and her crew are decorated repeatedly during the wars, but Jasna's Legion of Honor - for boarding the IKS D'Kab by emergency transport in mid-combat with a small medical team to suppress symptoms of radiation poisoning among the crew so the Klingon warship could continue its engagement with Dominion forces - is the only one she's every expressed any pride in.
2375 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2378-2380 - Instructor at Starfleet Medical
2379-2385 - Chief Medical Officer of the USS Vikrant.
2386 - Promoted to Commander.
2386-2389 - CMO of USS Yorktown.