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Lieutenant Tasme Anan

Name Tasme Anan

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Saurian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Indigo
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Fit, lean, and tough, with a martial artist’s build, Tas carries herself with the ease that comes with great confidence and prowess. Her left cheek has a small ‘duelling scar’ which she retains despite cosmetic technology that could repair it.


Father Kannis Anan
Mother Medma Anan
Brother(s) Fenno Anan
Breki Anan
Sister(s) Nouma Anan
Setha Anan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tas is the consummate “redshirt” – brave, tough, and devoted to keeping her shipmates and vessel safe and secure. Despite her commission, she is a friend to the enlisted ranks, at ease in their company and generally well-liked and respected. She leads from the front and gets her hands dirty when the rough work comes along. Off-duty, she is something of a bon vivant, enjoying the fine things the galaxy has to offer. She is also boisterous, and has on more than one occasion found herself in “physical disagreements” with non-Starfleet or Federation lifeforms.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Fearless, Loyal, Stouthearted
Weaknesses: Boisterous, Not inclined toward Diplomacy, Staunch Federation Patriot
Ambitions Tas intends to serve and protect her crew, Starfleet, and the Federation as long as she’s physically able. Once past her prime, she fully intends to return to Starfleet Academy to teach new generations of security and tactical cadets.
Hobbies & Interests Tas is an accomplished guitar player, specifically electric guitars. She is especially fond of “pre-Eugenics War electric music of Earth,” which she discovered in her years at Starfleet Academy.

To this end, she studied luthiery, and is usually crafting a guitar for herself or others in her off-hours… when she’s not playing one of her creations. Her prized creation is a replica of a Gibson Les Paul Standard, which she plays (and tinkers with) regularly.

Tas follows in the footsteps of her family elders, and is knowledgeable in the production of Saurian Brandy. And the consumption of said brandy, of which she keeps a small supply of on hand when possible.

Personal History Tasme Anan was born in the summer of 2359 on Sauria Prime, one of five children. “First to hatch and last to sleep” was a phrase her parents often used when speaking of her as a child, remarking on her outgoing and tireless personality. Inspired by a number of relatives, including her favorite aunt, she joined Starfleet as soon as she was able, intent on seeing the wonders of the galaxy.

Unlike her aunt – a prominent physician at Starfleet Medical on Earth – Tas pursued a career in Security at Starfleet Academy. A number of physical altercations and disciplinary actions kept her from graduating in the upper percentile of her class. In point of fact, she graduated in the bottom percentile, and her assignment to the aging U.S.S. Sacagawea, a Niagara-class cruiser, was seen as a bad omen for her career prospects in Starfleet.

Onboard Sacagawea, Tas began to settle down and conduct herself in a manner befitting a Starfleet officer, though there were a few off-duty and shore leave incidents that kept her from the promotion fast-track. Despite this, she made a good impression on the senior officers of the vessel, and gained a reputation as one of the ‘go-to’ personnel for away team assignments, especially those involving risk of combat.

It was one such away team assignment that brought Tas to the attention of the powers-that-be, earning her a promotion and the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry. The Sacagawea became embroiled in a dispute between Starfleet and the Tzenkethi which ended in an ambush of a diplomatic away team led by the C.O. of the Sacagawea. Tas was one of the security officers assigned to that away team, and the only survivor apart from her C.O. – the rest falling in battle against Tzenkethi forces or succumbing to injuries sustain in said conflict.

The Sacagawea received heavy damage in the battle with Tzenkethi forces, and despite a series of repairs and refits was later determined as unfit for service and ordered to be decommissioned. Tas was given a temporary duty post at Starbase 173 while awaiting a new assignment. She managed to keep out of the brig during that assignment – as an occupant, at least.

On the recommendation of her former C.O., Tas was assigned to the security department of the newly-launched U.S.S. Yorktown, and has served with distinction there ever since.
Service Record 2377 – Begins studies, Starfleet Academy
2381 – Graduates Starfleet Academy; assigned to security department of U.S.S. Sacagawea
2383 – Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and awarded Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry during an “incident” with Tzenkethi forces.
2385 – Assigned to security department of Starbase 173 while awaiting permanent assignment after decommissioning of U.S.S. Sacagawea.
2386 – Assigned to security department of U.S.S. Yorktown.
2387 – Promoted to Lieutenant; assumes duties as Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer.
2389 – Present day; assumes duties of Chief Tactical/Security Officer following the retirement of previous department head.