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Lieutenant Commander Marian Downe

Name Marian Arthur Joseph Downe

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Marian is tall and lean, with full, well-kept brown hair and light blue eyes. His face is clean shaven, and he bares no definitive scars or facial marks. Though tall for a human male, he has a lean frame devoid of significant muscle mass.


Spouse Tokas
Children None
Father Joseph Downe
Mother Captain Lena Gorrum
Brother(s) Lieutenant Jonathan Downe - Killed in Action, 2375, Bolarus system.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marian is an introverted academic and explorer with a keen mind and a shy personality. He is an individual of reasonably few words and fewer friends, preferring a mostly solitary existence. His social acumen is limited, though he can present a pleasant smile and conduct limited small talk. Overall, he prefers to comfort of his own mind, a glass of wine, and a long list of tasks.

His quiet personality prone to work over pleasure has aided him in his career. He is a highly skilled and efficient engineering and operations officer with a knack for creativity and surprising resilience under pressure. Former department leads and commanding officer's have nothing but praise for his work ethic, though they note he lacks career advancement ambition. One former commanding officer, then Captain Alexander Morkan, described Marian as "Quirky, but capable". He works long hours, enjoys personnel and task management, and is one of Starfleet's finest minds in the fields of Applied Gravimetrics, Theoretical Tachyon mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics, among others. His specialization has proven to be both a benefit and boon, as he lacks skill in most other fields beyond his own.
Strengths & Weaknesses Marian has a keen mind and is a highly skilled officer in his fields. Professionally, he is an able administrator and a fair department leader. He can work well under pressure, takes orders easily, can socialize professionally, and is able to act independently without direct oversight. However, he is content to sit back and let others take the lead, preferring to follow even if he believes the decisions of his colleagues or superiors to be misguided. He will simply adapt to the situation, or do his best to accomplish the impossible. Furthermore, he lacks any skill in other fields besides his own, and is exceptionally poor at various physical tasks.

As an individual, he is courteous and polite, but often his muted personality is mistaken for rudeness or disinterest. In some cases, disinterest is certainly the reality. But Marian remains a socially capable, though otherwise introverted man.
Ambitions Marian is not an ambitious person, content to focus on his work and his research. He passed command school only to prevent being passed over for interesting postings on the frontier.
Hobbies & Interests Marian is a big fan of classical and jazz music from Earth, as well as a connoisseur of wine, having accumulated a small collection of rare Earth vintages from the South American and European continents which are kept safe in a double-secure lock box to prevent breakage during turbulent periods of travel. Surprisingly, Marian was also a fan of Bolian rhetorical games, and has a holodeck program dedicated to his debate hobby. He is also a fan of various mind games, perusing research journals, and writing poetry.

Personal History Born 2351 to parents Captain Lena Gorrum and Joseph Downe aboard the USS Horatio.

Service Record 2369 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy
2373 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2373 - Operations Officer (Damage repair team leader), USS Potemkin
2374 - Operations Officer, (Power distribution specialist, Relief bridge officer), USS Thunderchild
2375 - Engineering Officer (Power distribution section leader), USS Yelari
2376 - Engineering Officer (Retrofit Team Lead), Starbase 37
2378 - Operations Officer (Applied Gravimetrics research team leader, Bridge officer shift Gamma), USS T'Pol
2380 - Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Ares
2381 - Chief Operations Officer, USS Ares
2383 - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Sovereign
2385 - Chief Operations Officer, USS Crazy Horse
2386 - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Yorktown