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Lieutenant JG Alicia Grierson

Name Alicia Grace Grierson

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 72 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and athletic, Alicia Grierson has inky black hair (usually in tight braids and an asymmetrical style) and warm brown skin lightly weathered from a lot of time in the open air. A veteran security officer, she handles herself with a comfortable confidence and usually prefers to speak softly with a phaser on her hip.


Spouse Tallara sh’Revash, Morivae zh’Revash, Keval ch’Revash and Orshim th’Revash
Children Step-children: Phirea, Vesev, Erib, Ambrie, Mesei, Orit and Karam
Father Marshall Grierson
Mother Samantha Grierson
Sister(s) Mae Carol Grierson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Comfortable in her own skin and in her uniform, AG Grierson has seen the proverbial elephant and lived to tell about it. She evaluates every situation she enters first and foremost on the basis of how to keep her crewmates and any civilians present safe and accounted for, and she can be counted on to follow orders under the most intense duress. Off-duty, she has a relaxed - if understated - good humor and a fondness for the company of her fellow security officers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quietly competent and level-headed in a crisis, Alicia knows the value of a defusing joke or a compassionate word, the importance of teamwork and the deep wisdom of knowing Starfleet tradition before you run over it to get where you’re going.

Chief among her weaknesses is a parochial, bone-deep certainty that Starfleet, the Security department and herself personally are the people wearing the white hats in any situation of conflict. Alicia lives in a very straightforward moral universe, and sometimes struggles when the actual galaxy around her fails to conform to it.
Ambitions In the long run, Alicia hopes to secure a comfortable posting that lets her keep her hands on the stars while being close enough to Andoria and Earth to see her family regularly. But mostly, she’s content to go where she’s sent and look after her crew.
Hobbies & Interests Grierson grew up riding and shooting, and she hasn’t lost her fondness for that or the lore of the Old American West, but she got a taste for martial arts and wilderness survival in the service and has gotten heavily involved with both. During her time at the Academy she also developed an interest in pre-Eugenics music and late 21st/early 22nd century Earth-descended poetry, so she has a small collection of period instruments and books, and she has a more recent interest in Andorian culture that she’s actively pursuing.

Personal History Born in a log house in a cold Montana in 2349, Aly Grierson grew up riding her family’s ranch and fully expecting to make running it her life’s work. She mended fences, looked after cattle and guests, hunted and fished, and enjoyed herself thoroughly in the process. She was attending a land management education program in western Idaho when news broke of the Klingon attack on Deep Space Nine; within the day, she’d put in her papers to join Starfleet as enlisted security personnel and contacted her sister to ask Mae to take over the farm.

Rushed through training as most of her cadre were - seven tight months instead of a year - she was posted to the Cardassian frontier on the USS Venture at her own request. She served aboard Venture for the next four years - a period heavy in frontline combat with the Klingon Empire and then the Dominion - with steady distinction and by the Treaty of Bajor was considered a rock of her department. The Venture’s chief of security urged her to consider an appointment to Starfleet Academy and an officer’s commission rather than allowing her service commitment to lapse. It was an idea that hadn’t crossed Petty Officer Grierson’s mind before that - she’d always imagined herself going back to Montana - but Lieutenant Commander Safavi was persuasive enough to convince her to try the competitive entrance examination. She wasn’t selected for invitation to the new class, but her performance was strong enough to earn an invitation for the next selection period; it gave her the same feeling she’d had when her first horse dumped her into the dirt, and she couldn’t let it go at that. She took the examination again, was handily selected, and enrolled as an unusually seasoned cadet with the class of 2380.

She graduated just above the middle of her class, balancing top marks in security and operations with more modest scores on science and cultural subjects, and was assigned to the security department of the Ambassador-class starship USS Docana. She served five years on the Docana as part of the security staff, earning solid marks on every evaluation without overly distinguishing herself, but she enjoyed the post - the ship, the exploration missions, and most of all her fellow crew. Two of them, in particular.

If someone had asked AG at sixteen who the last sentient she’d expect to fall for would be, a quartet of Andorians wouldn’t have even crossed her mind as an answer, but there it was. She didn’t just enjoy serving with Tallara and Morivae zh’Revash, or find their company fascinating - she adored them, and their husbands just as fiercely when she met them on leave, and there was no helping it. She was gone on them, and that made life even better than her promotion to junior Lieutenant did. Time, unfortunately, wasn’t inclined to wait on her happiness - the aging Docana was mothballed and her crew redistributed in 2385, with Starfleet Command assigning Lieutenant Grierson for a year-long stint on the Romulan homeworld as part of the embassy security staff. It was while she was there that she caught the eye of Captain Hall, who requested her for Yorktown instead of the Starbase posting she’d been slated for, and with a few more rueful comm messages AG agreed to go where Starfleet needed her for a while longer.

Less than a year after that, Romulus was a debris field and she was far too busy keeping up with duty and letters home to her not-exactly-stepchildren to think about the implications for her own mortality.
Service Record 2372 - Joins Starfleet as enlisted security. Assigned to USS Venture after training.
2372-2376- Security crewman and petty officer, USS Venture
2376-2380 - Attends Starfleet Academy as a cadet and is commissioned as an Ensign.
2380-2385 - Security officer, USS Docana
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant j.g.
2385-2386 - Security officer, Federation Embassy to the Romulan Star Empire.
2387 to present - Security officer, USS Yorktown