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Lieutenant Bral

Name Bral

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Being a Tellarite, Bral is considered short and stocky among humans, though among Tellarite's his frame is considered lean. His facial features are unassuming, except for a scar running from the base of his snout up the right side of his face, ending just above his bushy brown eyebrows. His beard is well-kept and grows slowly, an embarrassing reality for a Tellarite male, who are born to be proud of their facial hair. His beard is no more than two inches thick, though the neck is kept cleanly shaven. Bral is also known for having large hands the size of above average humans or Andorians, another oddity among his species.


Father Bramen
Mother Eril

Personality & Traits

General Overview With over thirty years of experience in Starfleet, both as a member of the enlisted personnel and, more recently, an officer, it has tamed the typically argumentative and confrontational Tellarite manner. Though still very much a man who will greet his friends, family, and comrades with an insult or a witty joke, his tolerance for other culture's has focused his resolve. Bral controls his emotional responses to a degree, seeming somewhat cold when he is addressing someone. Thus his capacity for humour is limited to typical confrontational comments, and his capacity for socialization can be considered awkward to human standards.

As a former Master Chief Petty Officer, his attention to duty and his work is of absolute priority. He is the atypical Chief, who swore away family and most friends in order to commit himself to the job. His practical experience, coupled with a calculating demeanor and a keen intellect makes him an ideal officer, willing to prioritize work and take command of a situation without a second thought. However, within the chain of command he knows his place, and will never step out of line, instead willing to offer blunt though usually useful advice.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bral is an intelligent man, both in terms of his career as a starship operations officer, and with various other knowledge. His father was a former Federation diplomat, representing various trade negotiations and border disputes among current and potential Federation members. His interest in operations and diplomacy has provided him a keen eye for detail and the ability to make snap decisions comfortably. Furthermore, though seemingly awkward or insulting, Bral's insight reaches into social situations, and he can use this intuition to sometimes determine the emotional state of people.

Being a Tellarite, some of Bral's weakenesses revolve around the fact that he is not a warm and fuzzy man to approach. He will have few friends, and also trusts few people. More importantly, he approach's his work with the utmost professionalism and tends to work his subordinates hard. Though in his mind it his to push his staff, his subordinates and coworkers will tend to look down on his methods, causing discord. Finally, when Bral has formed an opinion on a particular matter, he will not back down from an argument unless he can fully be proven wrong -- which is all a matter of perspective.
Ambitions Having transferred to the officer class, it is Bral's hope that he can continue to serve in a capacity as a capable and qualified Operations officer. There is nothing for him at home on Tellar or in the core Federation systems, except perhaps an Academy tenureship as an instructor, which would not be a bad retirement posting.
Hobbies & Interests Forthcoming

Personal History Born 2342
Service Record 2360 - Enlisted in Starfleet, Tellar
2361 - 2362 - Completed Basic Training, Occupational training, Crewman Recruit, Earth, Starfleet Enlisted Training Centre
2363 - 2367 - Assigned as Transporter Specialist, Crewman, USS Crazy Horse
2368 - 2370 - Assigned as Quartermaster's Assistant, Petty Officer 3rd Class, USS Lafayette
2371 - 2375 - Assigned as Operations Technician, Petty Officer 2nd Class/1st Class, USS Andor
2376 - Assigned to Starfleet Enlisted Training Centre, Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Qualification Course
2377 - 2379 - Assigned as Quartermaster/Deflector Technician, Chief Petty Officer, USS Exeter
2378 - 2384 - Assigned as Chief Transporter Specialist, Senior Chief Petty Officer, USS Hood
2385 - 2387 - Assigned as Chief of the Boat, Master Chief Petty Officer, USS Triton
2388 - Commissioned from the ranks, Completed Accelerated Officer Training Program, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2389 - 2392 - Assigned as Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant, USS Venture
2393 - Present - Assigned as Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant, USS Century