A New Dawn

Posted on Thu Dec 13th, 2018 @ 9:23pm by Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft
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Mission: On the Horizon
Location: USS Yorktown, Captain's Ready Room

Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft stood back from her ready room desk as she examined the statue of Lady Justice which she placed upon it, accenting the corner with a little personal touch. Elizabeth had spent the better part of the Yorktown's journey to the Delta Quadrant moving her quarters and then moving some personal effects from her old office into her new ready room. The ready room still looked fairly spartan in comparison to some commanding officers she had served with, but would come into its own in time.

She had also spent the better part of the journey avoiding the crew now under her command. It wasn't that she was shy; even if she was, she knew all these people very well from being their first officer for almost three years. It was that she felt she didn't belong. How could she become captain of the Yorktown? Of THE Yorktown; perhaps one of the most famous namesakes in all of Starfleet history. A career in the Judge Advocate General's office hardly made her qualified, and her time as first officer of the Venture didn't cut it in her eyes. But in someone's eyes, she was the best choice for the job. It was a textbook case of imposter syndrome.

The captain's decorating was interrupted by a chime at the door of her ready room.

"Come in," she responded firmly as she stood up straight and made sure to crease the bottom of her uniform jacket against her stomach.

In walked a very familiar face: Lieutenant Commander Vit Aran, her first officer.

"What can I do for you, Aran?" Elizabeth asked informally, as they were both technically off duty.

Aran smiled wide as he looked around the ready room. It was more barren than her predecessor’s had been, but somehow it suited her.

“I just talked to our new Quartermaster. I think he thinks he’s still supposed to report to me as Chief of Ops, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Or that I was off duty, for that matter,” Aran responded. “I’ll admit I was only half listening to him, but apparently we are completing the last bit of personnel transfer and re-supply. He thought it was important that someone know we are.”

Taking a deep breath and nervously fidgeting with his earring, he continued, “So it sounds like we’re going to be ready to head out soon. Mostly though I thought I’d come by to see how you’re settling in.”

"Things haven't been too bad," Elizabeth took a deep breath. "But I have to admit, it feels like I'm in way over my head. I wish Captain Hall were still here. But I am glad to have you, and the rest of the crew, here with me. At least I won't embarrass myself to complete strangers."

There was a bit of silence in the room, which the new captain broke after several seconds, "What about you? Settling in as first officer okay?"

“For the most part, I think so!” he responded, resting a hand against the desk. “If I’m honest, I think there’s a lot of overlap between my old job and this one. But I figure the Prophets put me on this path for a reason, and it’s my responsibility to see it to whatever end they’ve ordained. I am just eternally thankful that I wasn’t assigned to the Gamma Quadrant.”

Looking up at the woman, he continued, “I don’t know that I’d have been able to stomach that. I think you’re going to be fine though. You’ve shown yourself to be capable, and willing to do what it takes in the name of the Federation and your compatriots. I know it sounds like lip service, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather serve with.”

"I appreciate the support," the captain chuckled. "You're already on your way to being a fine first officer." She placed her hand on Aran's shoulder as they both walked from the ready room onto the massive Century-class' bridge. The bridge was quite busy considering the captain and first officer had not been on its deck in quite a while. The bustle of finishing the exchange while docked at Starbase 38 was taxing on the crew following weeks of quantum slipstream drive travel. But Captain Ashcroft was pleased with how her crew was responding; as they would if Captain Hall was still in command. Maybe it wouldn't be such a difficult transition for her after all - or them.

"What do you say we get the crew together and go over our first assignment in the Delta Quadrant?" the captain smiled at her first officer as they stood in the center of the bridge.