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A Second Chance to Make...

Posted on Fri Dec 14th, 2018 @ 1:32am by Commander Jasna Khorasani
Edited on on Fri Dec 14th, 2018 @ 6:55pm

Mission: On the Horizon
Location: USS Yorktown, Sickbay
Tags: introductions, sickbay


Eyes still on the comparative reading of Ensign Vorkat’s genetic scan and hot tea still scalding the roof of her mouth, Jasna Khorasani settled for a sharp wave of her hand by way of acknowledgement. It wasn’t exactly the best decorum, directing your nurses by impromptu sign-language, but she’d been trying to pin down the problem the warp coils were causing for Tre’Vorkat’s genetic coding before he - nominally, since Sumivarans had three states that didn’t really correspond to human genders - had to send a gene-scan back to his homeworld for his arranged marriage where any errors would definitely not impress his triad-to-be. Of course, he could have made her job easier by requesting an assignment to literally anything except warp tuning for a month, but the Ensign wanted to be promoted and mated as quickly as possible so here she was chasing down errors in his genes instead of ....

Well. Instead of doing administrative paperwork, truthfully, so in a way he was doing her as much of a favor as she was doing him, even if she’d never tell him so.

Nurse Merrick tapped a stylus against the edge of the workstation delicately, clearing her throat. “Doctor, you asked me to watch your calls for you. It helps if you pay attention when I try to deliver your messages.”

“You ought to have picked up by now that ‘watch my calls’ is code for ‘I don’t want to be disturbed unless the ship is being eaten by an inter-galactic shark’, Angie,” Jasna said, most of her concentration still on the screen. “Is it?”

“Being eaten? No. But the Captain wants you for senior staff in ten minutes, and it would be embarrassing for me if you missed it. Professionally.”

Jasna hissed a breath out between her teeth, turning the six-stranded helix one more time and tapping a modelling query into the workstation for the computer to chew on before she finally turned away from it. “You do realize that I write your evaluations and the Captain and XO only sign off on them, don’t you?”

With an undented smile on her face, Angela held out a hand for Jasna’s stylus and offered a PADD with the other. “It had crossed my mind a few times, Doctor. End of watch reports are in here, and provisionals on the weeklies. Just in case the Captain decides to quiz you.”

“That would be a singular waste of her time and mine, but thank you. Very thoughtful.”

Jasna took the PADD and suppressed the urge to sigh, shake her head, stamp her feet or any other potentially tempting little displays of displeasure. It was perfectly normal for changes in command to make people nervous and a little territorial, just like Elizabeth’s hermit routine for the last few days was a fairly typical reaction to stress in humans; the trouble was that it just made her miss Trevor more. She’d have been sure he’d know better than to bother her about administrative trivia or call her out of her sickbay for something that wasn’t urgent, important or both. She just didn’t have that level of certainty with Liz - with Captain Ashcroft, she reminded herself stiffly. Even if was going to take getting used to, she had to keep practicing.

“Will that be all, Doctor?” Angie had a particular way of being formal when she wanted to rap Jasna in the teeth about mentally wandering off.

It would have been more irritating if she weren’t such a damn good nurse. Even so, Jasna let the moment hang a couple of seconds before she collected her tea and gave Angie the nod. “Go on, I’m sure you have more important things to do than looking after me. I’ll even freshen up first. Fair play?”

“Fair. But give me the tea.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a very untrusting person?” Jasna groused, passing the cup and saucer over with a narrow look that once again failed to dent her nurse; apparently satisfied, Angie vanished discreetly and left her to fend for herself. Suppressing another childish urge to drag her feet, Jasna stepped off smartly for her office while she ran down the summary figures on the PADD and committed them to temporary memory - they were about what she’d expected, maybe a few more sprains and bruises than usual. Mostly holodeck injuries. Yorktown had a good crew, but they didn’t tolerate idleness well, and the transit to the Delta Quadrant had meant a lot of slack time for everyone who wasn’t down in engineering babying the engines. Things would settle down once they were all back to work. She set the PADD down on her desk, let herself into the small toilet tucked in behind the back wall of the office and gave herself a single critical look in the mirror. A little messy - she’d been in the lab most of the morning, and her braids were starting to wisp. A minute or two of attention to that and the light rumpling of her uniform would set them right. Captain Hall had preferred a well-turned out staff for meetings, and she wasn’t about to start letting that tradition down now.

It took more like three minutes, actually, until Doctor Khorasani was satisfied enough to favor her reflection with a smile and start for the lifts. With a last check of sickbay and turbolift time, she ought to be just comfortably early.


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